What Makes a Hero: It’s So Much More Than Just Putting on That Uniform

McCamey Vets Memorial Wall of Honor     Iron Sculpture at Veterans Memorial

“What makes Superman a hero is not that he has power, but that he has the wisdom and the maturity to use the power wisely” – Christopher Reeve

“It doesn’t take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who go into battle.” – H. Norman Schwarzkopf

The word “hero” gets overused by many. Said jokingly, “you’re my hero” could mean the opposite or nothing at all, an insult. That person could have brought in coffee and donuts for everyone at the work site. A simple thank you probably would have sufficed in response to that person who saved you a trip to the post office or watched the kids for an hour while you went to an appointment.

But to some it still means something. In fact, many veterans feel uncomfortable when the term is used, in conjunction with their name. To them, there is always someone greater; after serving alongside others it seems they have raised the bar somewhere unattainable. Their hero lost more than they themselves did, or saved more lives, or perhaps didn’t make it back at all.

For those former soldiers who won’t admit that simply serving their country selflessly makes them a hero in our eyes, there is something we can do that they can’t deny us. McCamey built a Wall of Honor.

In a City this size, you would assume that two Walls would be enough to contain the names of those who have served. The McCamey Veterans Memorial Committee is proud to say that just two years after the Memorial was dedicated, they have run out of room.

The proceeds from this year’s Veterans Memorial Golf Tournament on April 25th at the McCamey Country Club will fund a continuation behind the original Walls, to ensure McCamey’s veterans can be recognized in perpetuity. To register your four-person scramble team or make a donation, call Oscar at 432-813-2437 or register your team with JR Zamora at 432-664-2437.

The Wall is a testament that this community will never forget their sacrifices and their bravery, and most importantly, their names and accomplishments. That we are proud of them, our hometown heroes.

To some, the McCamey Wellness Center is not just a place where they can work out or socialize. For those in poor health or experiencing personal hardship, it’s a step on their path to a better life. The Center’s programs and equipment are tools to help regular people better their bodies so that they can battle illnesses and overcome injuries, find the strength to conquer their woes and stay active.

Great health allows people to continue to do the “everyday things” that make them a hero in someone’s eyes, such as just being a Dad, or a great person to work for, or a volunteer. Health success stories (such as those we have seen a lot of thanks to the programs at the Wellness Center) inspire others to better themselves, to work harder.

This June 6th, the McCamey Wellness Center will host a Superhero 5K Run. Participants are encouraged to dress as their favorite superhero, monies raised will go towards buying more equipment for the Wellness Center. 5K Entry is $20, for more information or to register call MHD Wellness Center 432.652.4016.


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